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HOME NETWORKING:  Do you have a home network?  Is your office networked correctly?  Are all of your devices that are network ready actually on your home network?  Is your home network wired or wireless?  Is it secure?  Do you know if there is more you can do from a security standpoint to protect your information?  WE CAN HELP!

COMPUTER & PERIPHERALS:  More and more items are attached to your PC every day.  Printer, Ipod, external hard drive, router, web-cam and more.  Is  your printer wired or wireless?  Which would bring us back to the above quesitons about networking.  Are all of your devices working properly?  Are you thinking about adding a device, but are just not sure which one, or how to do it?  WE CAN HELP!

BACKUP:  Do you back up your data?  80% of people don't, and 10% of the 20% that do, are not backing up correctly.  It's the single most important thing you can do, expecially if your network is not secure.  Do you need a simple external hard drive?  Have you ever considered a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device.  The cost is very reasonable now, and enables you to share a single backup device amongst the whole family.

WIRING:  Is your home / business wired to support all the devices it needs to?  Are you fed-up with wireless not working correctly?  If so, consider going the wired route, it's much faster and much more reliable.  Use wireless only when you need it.  WE CAN HELP!