About Us

Trumbull Techs was established in 2002 to provide technology help.
We continue that same goal of providing solutions to you.

We bring the best user experience to our customers through our innovative, customer centric service solutions.

“What has remained constant throughout the history of Trumbull Techs is our dedication to our customers, and to the values on which Trumbull Tedchs was built: integrity, quality, respect, and community.”

If getting a solution is important to you, we want to talk to you.

Healthcare | Manufacturing | Accounting | Educational | Administrative | Construction | Real Estate | Marketing | Recruiting

In addition to the above, we have always provided excellent support to all of our home customers.


Check out some fun statistical information on Trumbull Techs.

20 +
Years in Business
99 %
Positive feedback
Coffees Consumed
$ 189
Average Savings Per Customer Per Month